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"The Pure Energy Band works, PERIOD!" ~ Mack Tucker Tour Pro

Pro Athletes are always looking for ways to have an edge against other competitive players.  More and more pro athletes are turning to Pure Energy Bands to help increase flexibility, strength, recovery, and many other positive health enhancements. 

Wayne "Above & Beyond" Clark:  World Professional Basket Ball Player, Former harlem Globetrotter, World Class Athlete, World Class Dunker, World Record Slam Dunk Champion (70 inch vertical dunk) from ESPN City Slam.

"Since I have worn this Pure Energy Wrist band, I feel lighter, jumping more effortlessly, which is great at my age. My balance has been great along with my 3 point shooting percentage. Not to mention I officially broke my 5th backboard over a month ago with the same arm I had the band on. Pure Energy Wrist Band has definitely given me an edge over the competition. There is no telling what I can accomplish with my new band. I will be going to break my World Record Slam Dunk next month in Allentown PA at Sports Fest, and believe you me, I will have on my Pure Energy WristBand before take off! I look forward to wearing it everyday! Thanks Pure Energy Wrist Bands!"

"I was introduced to the Pure Energy Band in Spring Training this year and I am a BIG fan! I have noticed huge differences in my flexibility which is important to a first baseman. I have also noticed better balance and strength in the batter's box. My wife and I wear our Pure Energy bands day and night. They provide a quick recovery whether it be after playing a tough game or chasing our 18 month old around all day. My wife, Katie, has trouble sleeping and since she has started wearing her band she has been able to get more sleep and wake up well rested. We also put one on our daughter's foot at night we have noticed she is tacking on an extra hour or more of sleep in the morning. Bonus! The Butler family LOVES our Pure Energy Bands! "

Billy Butler, 1st Baseman, KC Royals

"The Pure Energy band works, period. I have notice a huge improvement of my balance in my swing and my endurance on the course. Off the course I get better sleep and recovery from workouts and long days on the course. My aches and pains from playing competitive sports my whole life have disappeared and I have been able to be more active away from golf knowing I can recover faster and don't have to worry about saving energy for tour golf. The pure energy band works for not only me but my family as well. I will never take this off."

Mack Tucker Tour Pro

"I love my Pure Energy Band. I am hitting way better with it. I know a couple other guys on the team are wearing it and they won’t take it off!"

Mike Aviles, SS KC Royals

"I love the Pure Energy band. I tape my wrists up so during games I just slip it into my pocket and still get the positive effects from the bands."

Kila Ka'Aihue, 1st Base, DH, KC Royals

My Pure Energy band has helped me with my training tremendously. I have noticed a big change in my focus while I train and spar. I have trained only one time without it to see if there really was a difference. Well, the difference was huge. I will never take it off again! I am more confident for this fight coming up than any other fight I've had. Thank you very much Pure Energy!

Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli Professional Boxer

"These bands are great. I want to have these on my whole team!!!"

Pete LaCock, Retired MLB Coach, Schaumburg Flyers Willie Wilson, Retired, KC Royals HOF

Check any sports magazine and you'll notice just how many players are wearing the hologram technology. Here are a few more that are wearing hologram technology bands:

Paul Pierce
Boston Celtics

Kobe Bryant
LA Lakers

Shaquille O'Neil

Lamar Odom
LA Lakers

Alex Rodriguez
New York Yankees

Steve Nash
Phoenix Suns

Andy Roddick

Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers

Nic Harris
Buffalo Bills

Willie Parker
Pittsburgh Steelers

Marvin Lewis
Coach Cincinnati Bengals

Chad Johnson
Cincinnati Bangals

Matthew Stafford
Detroit Lions

Mark Sanches
New York Jets

Carson Palmer
Cincinnati Bengals

Jordan Palmer
Cincinnati Bengals

Marlin Jackson
Indianapolis Colts

Dwayne Bowe
Kansas City Chiefs

  And Many Many More...

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