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Pure Energy Bands Restore the body's electrical balance

The Pure Energy Band has been imbedded with natural occurring frequencies that restores your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchanges of positive and negative ions and that can align our body’s energy pathways, very similar to the effects from acupuncture and acupressure.

When the Pure Energy Band comes within your body’s energy field, it resonates the frequencies that can optimize your energy field and maintain maximum energy flow while clearing the pathways so the body can communicate the way it was meant to.

Our Body is Full of Electrical Impulses

Everyone’s body is essentially a complex set of electro-chemical processes, a series of organic chemicals generating electro-magnetic energy.

Our bodies work on a series of electrical impulses that travel up and down through the body. This is the process of how our body communicates.

Every persons body has an electrical field

Internal factors such as stress, illness and injury as well as external factors such as proximity to natural and man-made electrical forces, like cellular phones, computers, and other electronics can interfere with our electrical communication.

The ideal human frequency, called the Schumann Resonating Frequency (SRF), is approximately 7.8 hertz. This is the frequency that our bodies should be communicating at. The natural occurring frequencies can help the body communicate better, which allow the body to perform better.

Pure Energy band = Immediate Results...

Unlike many other ionic, copper, titanium, or stainless steel bands, the Pure Energy bands begin to work almost instantly, restoring optimal electro-magnetic balance and promoting free flowing energy pathways…

The benefits from the Pure Energy Band may be increased energy, strength and balance. It can also aid in relieving aches and pain and help get a better nights sleep.

When the body communicates better, the body performs better, period!

More Technology Information!

Pure Energy Bands use a new technology based upon the combination of energetic and informational frequency balancing. This technology communicates with the meridians of the body which may provide a variety of health benefits.

We insert hologram discs which have been embedded with frequencies which can help balance your body to its most ideal levels. This energetic therapy system we use embeds the hologram discs with an energetic frequency using light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. This new bioenergetic therapy can help the human body by frequency balancing based on informational feedback from the client wearing the band. The broadcasting of these frequencies across the meridians of the human body has shown to provide some incredible benefits.

In combination with the energetic therapy, informational balancing can have profound effects on causes that lie on the informational level, such as the control functions of the body and mental-emotional issues, and can indirectly affect the energetic, biochemical, and structural levels. Adding energetic functionality to the the Pure Energy band allows us to directly address the energetic level using light, sound, electricity and

magnetism as carriers of client- and condition-specific information. Energetic and informational broadcasts can be applied to client-specific frequencies that are determined by the needs of the client in the context of their symptoms, as well as to more than 1100 conditions and the frequencies that are associated with these conditions according to more than 50 years of research by pioneers in frequency therapy and other independent scientists in this technology.

What makes this hybrid technology so exceptional is not only that we are unfolding the principles and techniques of the informational level, but also that we have now seamlessly integrated the technology to deliver this information with the widest spectrum of known physical energies.

Based on verified new principles, the hologram discs in Pure Energy Bands access the informational realm where it is possible to evaluate and balance conditions that until now had no explanation, such as most mental and emotional disturbances. Also for the first time in history, the hologram discs integrate a complete range of energetic modalities such as sound, electricity, magnetism, light and color in one system and makes it possible to balance humans, animals and plants in a client-specific feedback loop.

With a database of over 25,000 possible remedies, this technology has been organized in 400 different groups to help focus analysis on different possible benefits. With our Pinnacle Paks we can offer a more refined frequency combination directly geared to the root of the client's concern such as sleep deprivation or weight loss.

As pioneers in this technology at the consumer level we are proud to start rolling out new products that can bring this amazing hybrid technology to you.

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